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eSSD (enterprise SSD)

エンタープライズ用途(個人使用のPCではなく、データセンターや企業システム、インフラシステムで使うIT機器)で使うことのできる特性を持ったSSDエンタープライズSSD、略してeSSD(enterprise SSD)と呼ぶ場合も多いようです。




下記の記事では、2015年の今年が"Year of the eSSD"(eSSDの年)というありがちなタイトルで書かれています。結構、来年以降も引き続きYear of ...と書かれたりするかもですが(笑)。個人的には今年からeSSDの仕事に転職したので、私にとっては確実に「Year of the eSSD」です。

NAND flash-based memory has already come to dominate the personal storage market, be it in laptops, tablets, smartphones or cameras. In enterprise applications where storage capacities for a single server are in the terabyte to petabyte ranges, hard disk drives (HDDs) are still widely used due to their lower cost per gigabyte and the availability of higher capacities per drive. - See more at: 

Storage Trends 2015: The Year Of The eSSD | BCW



Sales of eSSDs will continue to grow through 2015 and beyond. As the cost per GB continues to fall, adoption will intensify and widen into new applications across the enterprise, while the adoption of new technologies and interfaces will further enhance the performance boost that eSSDs provide. To be successful in the competitive enterprise market, eSSD manufacturers will need full control of design and development of the next generation controllers and NAND flash memory cells. - See more at: 

Storage Trends 2015: The Year Of The eSSD | BCW